Terms of Use

Last modified: February 18, 2020

1. First:

  • User should read and understand below assumptions. Using the site means that user has read, fully understood, accepted and agreed with below assumptions. It defines the most important matters connected with the site - including both users’ and creators’ obligations.
  • The data communication system includes a group of cooperating IT devices and software, ensuring processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data via telecommunications networks, using the end device appropriate for a given type of network.

2. General:

  • User can be resident of any country.
  • Generated amount may be different than the declared one by 10%. It is normal situation connected with using BTC Generator.
  • Using an outdated Internet browser may cause the website to work improperly. The user is responsible for ensuring technical compatibility between the computer hardware or end device used thereby and the data communication system, and the website.

3. Services:

  • The user may stop using the service at any time.
  • The Administrator has the right to use open sources available on the Internet or to analyze metadata, in order to correctly verify the user and conduct the analysis aimed at counteracting fraud.

4. Generating Details:

  • Generating free BTC with the site is made by automatic BTC Hack System.
  • User can make as many generating processes as they want.

5. Payouts:

  • Payment is always made on the address you gave.
  • Any problems with the site are usually solved within 24 hours.
  • Each payout needs full confirmation from the network.

6. Warranties:

  • The site and its Administrator are warranties of the safety.
  • The site is not responsible for any problems the user has with their wallet or payment systems.
  • The Administrator processes users’ personal data for the purpose of proper performance of the Agreement.
  • Transfer of data to other entities can be made only upon the user’s express consent or on the basis of the provisions of law or upon the request of competent administrative bodies, which the Administrator is obliged to perform or for purposes indispensable for proper performance of the Agreement.

7. Statute Accepting:

  • Accepting the Statute is the same as signing a contract. User declares that their age is over 18 (or 21 years in some countries).
  • User agrees that all pieces of information they can find here are not the investment advice but only educational information.

8. Intellectual Rights:

  • The content of the site is protected and trademarked. User can use site’s details only for their personal use.
  • User cannot use or share, copy, publish or modify the content of the site. If user needs any pieces of information, they need first contact with us.

9. Liability:

  • The site cannot control payment processors and their delays and problems. User should know that problems connected with their wallets are caused by things which are not connected with the site.
  • The site is not responsible for loss of data caused by unexpected events.
  • The site is not responsible for any problems caused by users.
  • The site is not responsible for any social problems caused by problems with currencies or governments.
  • The user is responsible for all actions taken after logging in with the login and password.
  • The user uses the service at their own risk.

10. Site’s Rights:

  • The site reserves the right to anytime modifications of the Statute. User agrees to accept any changes of the Statute. If the user does not agree with any changes, they should stop using the site.
  • The works, markings and trademarks provided within and for the purpose of providing services enjoy the protection provided by law.
  • The use beyond the permitted private use requires the prior consent of the authorized entity.

11. Final Provisions:

  • Cryptocurrencies neither have a centralized issuer, nor an institution in control of its turnover.
  • Please thoughtfully decide whether the existing degree of risk involved in the cryptocurrency is acceptable for you.