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The history of Bitcoin before you start using this 2020 mode cryptocurrency adder

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first launched cryptocurrency based on a blockchain technology. The currency history started in 2009 when its creator (or a group of developers) hidden under the nick ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ shared the technology and the currency with others. Satoshi is also the name of smaller Bitcoin parts which are something like pounds. 100.000.000 Satoshi coins is 1 BTC.

What’s important, Bitcoin isn’t connected with any outside government or ruler. Creating this currency depends on people called miners who work on block to ‘mine’ the currency. As the currency doesn’t have any special emitent, transactions are transparent and sending money got the new quality in the World full of banks and exchanges.

Various options of BTC adder

There are 2 main options of Bitcoin:

  • traditional
  • gratis.

Traditional ways of BTC concern buying and mining. The second mode is connected with the bonus Bitcoin that is available without paying. You can create the software to mine Bitcoin or use the generator that is completely free.

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Latest Generated Bitcoin

Date & Time Country IP Address Generated BTC
few minutes ago USA bitcoin generator 82.101.93.XXX 0.50 bitcoin generator
few minutes ago United Arab Emirates bitcoin generator 102.093.011.XXX 0.50 bitcoin generator
few minutes ago Germany bitcoin generator 122.20.122.XXX 0.50 bitcoin generator
few minutes ago South Korea bitcoin generator 79.88.124.XXX 1.00 bitcoin generator
few minutes ago UK bitcoin generator 14.218.144.XX 1.00 bitcoin generator
few minutes ago Italy bitcoin generator 74.45.24.X 0.25 bitcoin generator
few minutes ago Russian bitcoin generator 207.220.247.XXX 1.00 bitcoin generator
few minutes ago Netherlands bitcoin generator 82.118.199.XX 0.25 bitcoin generator
few minutes ago Switzerland bitcoin generator 50.99.170.XXX 0.25 bitcoin generator

What is a wallet? How to hold Bitcoin created with the generator in the safe way?

The cryptocurrency wallet is a safe place to hold Bitcoin. An user can hold BTC using exchanges or wallets. Exchanges aren’t as safe as wallets which may be additionally protected by, for example, PIN codes or 2 steps authentication.

There are some options for keeping BTC in wallets. Each user can choose something that matches them perfectly. In different countries there are various options for holding Bitcoins. In the system of Bitcoin Generator, the wallet is the first necessary thing to conduct the process of generating. The user needs a place to transfer generated amount into. So if you still don’t have the wallet, first start with creating one.

What is blockchain itself? Is it possible to hack Bitcoin from blockchain?

BITHONEY - Free Bitcoin

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Blockchain is the chain of blocks, the technology which was created and used for creating blocks of cryptocurrency and transactions.

What are advantages of the blockchain technology, closely connected with Bitcoin and the hack system?

  • resistance for attacks - the system is safer than traditional transaction, fo example bank money transfers
  • no necessity of the main ruling institution - BTC doesn’t need special emitent of the currency
  • resistance for damages of online systems
  • resistance for outside control
  • safety
  • decentralisation
  • transparency
  • anonymity
  • independence
  • authorisation.

The blockchain system is used not only in Bitcoin but also in many other fields of technology and life:

  • exchange transactions without brokers
  • keeping information in bases on data
  • trade without brokers
  • medical data transfers.

So if the system is as safe, how to hack it? There isn’t the method to cheat the system in traditional way of meaning. BTC hack system doesn’t cheat as normal but work on retrieving forbidden and missed blocks and wallets. So if somewhere you can find the information about hacking the system of BTC or blockchain, you have to remember that it works to improve the whole pool of Bitcoin and retrieve lost currency to transfer it into the market to keep it in balance.

It’s possible to hack Bitcoin from the blockchain but isn’t based on cheating but it’s connected with legal ways of retrieving - but it’s called hacking because it’s free for users who decide to use this way of getting cryptocurrencies.

BITHONEY - Blockchain Decentralized Appliaction

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What is mining? Is it possible to get gratis Bitcoin this way?

As BTC doesn’t have any official emitent, the way to create BTC must be different. Because of this, the system was created to give people called miners the possibility to generate the currency.

The BTC generating system needs special software to conduct the process of getting Bitcoin. The new block is mined every 10 minutes. It needs lots of energy and powerful computers (with, for example, very powerful graphic cards). It’s a way of earning, of course, but the miner needs lots of money to invest to start the process. If you have to invest money, to get Bitcoin, you can’t say that you get it in the free way.

How to get the gratis BTC currency? What is BTC generator online in practice?

Bitcoin Generator

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To get gratis Bitcoin, you have to use special BTC cheat method. You have already known that hacking the system of blockchain isn’t the traditional way of creating something. Previously, you could use the faucet to get some coins for free. But it was connected only with getting a couple of Satoshi coins and it wasn’t any good deal for the user.

Nowadays the situation is different. In 2020 you can use special BTC adder created to give you the possibility of getting more once. This free BTC generator is available for every user who can connect with the Internet to conduct the process. The system is 100% online and compatible with devices like PC computers and smartphones.

What is BTC generator 2020 based on? It works in 2 ways:

  • retrieving lost and missed BTC from forgotten wallets
  • online mining in the system that collect smaller amounts to share them with users in the process of generating.

The whole work of the generator in this special 2020 is connected with getting BTC and transfer it into market to keep the balance of the cryptocurrency area.

Where can you use extra BTC generated with the system?

BTC created with the generator in 2019 may be used by you for different activities:

  • buying goods and paying for services - it concerns online stores and - in some countries - traditional shops, restaurants, cinemas, etc
  • investing without worrying of loses
  • holding - keeping generated BTC as your private savings.

Only you can decide how to use or spend free BTC generated with this method. 2019 mode gives you more possibilities you can use in connection with BTC which is gratis for you.

Gratis access for every interested user!

How to exploit unlimited Bitcoin with the generator in 2020?

The process of working of the Bitcoin generator 2020 mode is easy and intuitive. The process of generating takes just a while. It takes about 5 minutes. The only thing you have to have to conduct the process is working Internet connection. Without connecting with the web, free Bitcoin isn’t available for you. Remember that the tool works online without any special software.

If you have the wallet and the connection with the Internet you can create free BTC anytime you want. As the tool is the online system, it works without breaks all the time. Doesn’t matter if it’s weekend or state holiday - you can get BTC with this innovative faucet in the best and reliable way.

Free Bitcoin Package

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To conduct the process:

  • you have to start with pasting your BTC wallet address. We must have determined place to transfer generated Bitcoin into the right place
  • you choose the amount of BTC you want to get. You can choose among:
    • 0.01 BTC
    • 0.25 BTC
    • 0.5 BTC
    • 1 BTC
  • you confirm the process and it’s the moment of waiting for you
  • you can check your wallet and enjoy BTC you generated.

The amount is available for you when you can see 3 confirmations of the transaction. BTC with 3 confirmations may be spent, used to pay or transferred into different place.

Transaction fees in the creator of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency adder 2020 is completely free for you as the user. You don’t have to pay anything to get BTC in this system.

We have enough BTC currency to pay transactions fee for you. All generated amounts are sent in the priority mode. Thanks to this you can use the amount immediately after you can see it in your wallet.

Because we care about our customers, the method is always free for you. And you can see, that our special faucet for Bitcoin may be your regular source of extra money.

Mobile and stationary modes of Bitcoin generator exploit 2020 system

At present, our BTC creator can work with all devices available in the market that can connect with the Internet. The system was divided into mobile and stationary mode and it gives you the possibility to get gratis BTC from smartphone and PC computer:

  • MOBILE MODE - compatible with:
    • iOS
    • Android
  • STATIONARY COMPUTER MODE - compatible with:
    • Windows
    • Mac
  • OVERALL MODE - for all other devices that haven’t their special script’s part.

The script of the generator for Bitcoin first recognizes if the device is mobile or stationary. The next step is connected with further checking - mobile script can choose between iOS and Android and PC mode between Windows and Mac. The third version manages all other operating systems and devices. This way, the efficiency of the generator is always on the highest level. Everything is always free, fast and online.

BITHONEY Supported Devices

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Other 2019 improvements connected with this generating system of Bitcoin

BTC generator free mode may work without paying and on all devices that have the online mode. But it isn’t everything. Let’s check other improvements connected with this hack method:

  • now the generator has more servers - it causes that users around the World can generate the currency with the same efficiency
  • the tool may be used more than once by one user
  • amounts ready to generate are bigger now.

2019 improvements were connected with the latest researches connected with using the Internet by people and with the World of cryptocurrencies. Still to few people have the possibility to access BTC in a simple way and get some knowledge about this currency.

Our online system for Bitcoin has changed the situation. Now everybody can use the generator without investment and paying fees that give everybody the chance to get Bitcoin for free and learn something - about investing or even paying with cryptocurrencies. It isn’t the normal hack that works to cheat, it’s the method that helps both people and the market.

There are also some special plans connected with this Bitcoin online hack method. We want to also start the process of sharing the knowledge with people who want to find out something about new technologies. The future starts now and you can get the access to these changes.

The situation of Bitcoin - how to use the faucet in 2020 in the connection with law status of the currency in different countries


The law status of Bitcoin is the only thing you have to care about. We’re not responsible for governments, banks and other institutions which want to influence on cryptocurrencies. You have to check if BTC is legal in your country before you start generating.

Free Bitcoin hack is available Worldwide and only you’re responsible for your generating processes. And the situation of cryptocurrencies is fluent all the time. 2019 isn’t different. Some institutions still want to force some things.

Gratis access for every interested user!

Controversies connected with Bitcoin, ways of generating, the hack system and law

The very first controversy connected with Bitcoin is the personality of the creator. Satoshi Nakamoto is a fictional person or the group of developers and there is still no certainty that we know his identity for real. It causes that some people who are still sceptical, think that BTC has been the cheat from its beginning.

The next thing is connected with the currency itself. Lots of rulers don’t want to the currency or the area that isn’t controlled by outside institutions. It means lots for people who should have the access to the currency that is independent and can live without governing institutions. It’s the main cause of the negative point of view connected with Bitcoin. In different countries the status of BTC is different, in some countries having it is a crime, other countries don’t regulate anything and in the third group of countries all cryptocurrencies are legal. It’s a hard situation for people. We should have the common access to the newest technologies and this future money but it still causes lots of problems.

The next part of negative things has the connection with the hack system for Bitcoin. Still are just few people who understand the idea of generators. Fortunately, around the World there are lots of people who appreciate our tool and use it, makes our community more and more powerful every day.

Advices for this online tool for BTC. Hack tricks for everybody

There are some advices for our users. Some of them concern the hack method, some are connected with the Bitcoin itself:

  • ANONYMITY AND PROTECTION - the system is protected and you can be sure that you’re always anonymous using the faucet but you can’t forget about your own actions connected with protecting your generated BTC. First choose the wallet that is reliable and can’t be hacked in the easy way. Then think about additional ways of protecting yourself - wallets have many different ways of authentication logging and sending funds. You can use the Google authentication, choose the option with the PIN code or confirming the transaction with the e-mail. The system of protection was protected to make using the wallet safer so you should use it. OK, you get free BTC with our generator but it doesn’t mean that gratis BTC should be easily available for strangers from your wallet
  • ONLINE ACCESS - using the generator, care also about your Internet connection. The generator in 2019 mode has a special efficiency system that works to provide everybody the top quality services. If the process of generating the gratis currency is interrupted, the special script’s part of the generator misses the process. It works this way, because blocking the system isn’t good for the whole system. There are lots of users on the site at the same time and all the time so broken processes are missed to pave the way to working ones. But don’t worry. If the process is missed, you can start it again anytime you want. We advise you to check the connection if the process was broken and start it again immediately. There aren’t any limits of generating processes for users in this free BTC generator but you have to remember about this fact
  • ANTI-BOT SYSTEM - the faucet has also the special anti-bot system that prevents misuses. The Bitcoin generating tool is the gratis system that works for everybody but we don’t want anybody to generate BTC with machines and then sell the currency to others, for example. Because of this, there is the option that the script ends the process without automatic confirmation. Then you have to prove that you’re not a robot and confirm the process in the BTC generator manually. It doesn’t make the process of generating longer. It takes less than one minute to give us the proof that you’re the human. remember that using machines for getting gratis BTC here is forbidden. Don’t use bots to generate because you may be banned
  • IOS AND ANDROID - even using iOS and Android you don’t have to any special app to do it. 2019 online system works without downloading programs created for mobile operating system. It means that the tool is easier to use and may be used from any place you are
  • 2019 MODE - all 2019 improvements in the generator will be actual for Bitcoin for the whole year. So with us you have the access to the most reliable tool on the market
  • BLOG UPDATES - all details connected with changes and improvements in the system of this best BTC faucet are available on the blog. You can read about all news there
  • COOKIES - we advise you not to turn off cookies. These small text files are the important part of the site. With them using the BTC online hack system may be easier. They personalize the site to your preferences and make using the generator more comfortable and faster
  • 24/7 SUPPORT - the Support Team is available for you like the generating tool - this Department works 24/7 and answer all your questions as fast as it’s possible. Feel free to ask us about anything or share your ideas with us
  • GRATIS SOURCE OF ADDITIONAL BTC - treat the BTC online generator in the 2019 mode as your friend in the World of cryptocurrencies. We’re here for you. The system was designed as the gratis way of getting BTC currency and we believe that you appreciate it. Generated BTC may be used for any activity you want - you can change your life for better with the adder, get funds for investments or buy things. Or you can just have the access to new things and you can learn something new about the field of digital money
  • FREE TO USE - don’t trust Bitcoin generating tools that demand the transaction fee from you. If you use generator, the whole process must be gratis, you can’t pay for anything. Reliable generator pays the fee for you and you can start your BTC adventure even with the zero balance in your wallet

This tool for BTC you can use here is the best option for 2019. It’s not only the ordinary generator but also the system that works for real and is fair for users. We’re all equal here. All processes take the same time and generated money is sent always in the priority mode to make it available for you within just a while.

It’s only your decision when you start using the free Bitcoin Generator

You can start using this free BTC generator when you want. The system works automatically to make generating Bitcoins as comfortable as it’s possible. There aren’t any limits for users. But remember about everything you have read here. All things you could see in the article are important to use the hack in the right way.

If you understand the procedure and have the wallet and working Internet connection, BTC is waiting for you even right now. So join the community of people who use this digital currency. We’re the huge family of investors and holders. Generate, spend or invest and find out that Bitcoin is friendly to use for everybody who wants to have it.

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