The 10th anniversary of Bitcoin is a great time to summing up the technology, ways to create this coin and all free options related with using this currency. BTC is young but its influence on different areas connected with various fields of people’s activity is huge. Know Bitcoin better in its 10th birthday and familiarize with the way to create unlimited and gratis coins.

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Latest news connected with Bitcoin. Free theories that are sometimes made to create confusion in the BTC community

BTC news are often made to create confusion among people connected with Bitcoin, its technology and solutions. But it has also the influence on mainstream - all bad and good news are connected with the price that goes lower and higher. Fortunately, a generator society connected with our hacking system doesn’t care about value fluctuations and news. They can get gratis Bitcoin anytime they want and they know that BTC is the future of money.

Bitcoin is the new gold - ex US Congressman Ron Paul about the vision to redefine and create regulatory law for BTC and the generator

We’ll start with Ron Paul - ex American Congressman and the candidate for the US president and its opinion about Bitcoin as the new gold and ways to create regulatory law for generator hacking systems and Bitcoin itself.

Ron Paul is in favor of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology because he likes competing currencies. According to Paul, cryptocurrencies are the great idea, and governments should only regulate them to prevent fraud. Ron Paul also compares cryptocurrencies with gold. In his opinion, today both assets (more specifically, gold and mass of cryptocurrencies) compete with fiat money. He also said that 'governments are not too tolerant of competition'. Ron has already discussed his approach to digital currencies. A year ago, through the website of the Mises Institute, he called for a debate on the future of fiat currencies, gold and cryptocurrencies. By the way, he accused the United States of not having a free market. With the rest of it - in his opinion - in the problems of the dollar is also the strength of Bitcoin.

We can guarantee that the generator will be still available the same way to create unlimited BTC. The system will be gratis and free from law - and still available in different countries. It will be only your decision if you want to use the adder to generate Bitcoin.

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HFT trading as the way to create new opportunities for Bitcoin investors. Use the generator to get additional funds to invest

High Frequency Trading (HFT) is an investment technique involving the conclusion of many stock exchange transactions in the shortest possible time, using specially programmed computers, which automatically make transactions on the basis of decision-making algorithms. For investors using HFT, every millisecond may be of significance (delay in response may mean that someone else will carry out the transaction). A characteristic feature of HFT is the very short time between buying and selling a given instrument (time counted in milliseconds). HFT trade has so far mainly been a domain traded on the stock market and also on Forex. In the former case, companies that base their trade on algorithms, install their servers near exchanges to get faster execution of orders - just a difference in the form of milliseconds to gain an advantage over the competition. It turns out that HFT is slowly entering the cryptocurrency industry, although it is hard to talk about the revolution.

Among the popular Bitcoin exchanges that meet the needs of algorithmic trading were Huobi, ErisX, but the pioneer in the crypto market is the Gemini exchange owned by the Wiklevoss brothers, which offers clients placing servers in the popular data center in New York, and will soon expand its Chicago offer. Interestingly, none of the aforementioned exchanges charges extra collocation fees from customers, treating additional services as an advantage over competitors. The American Coinbase also entered the fight for HFT clients, but it withdrew from its undertaking due to the priorities in other branches of its activity.

It’s hard to create HFT investments on Bitcoin but it’s possible and it’s becoming more and more popular among experienced investors. Using the generator to get gratis BTC may be your way to get extra cash to check this option. Consider it, because the adder may be your additional private source to start some investments without worrying about their risk.

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Bitcoin doesn’t consume as much energy as is declared by its opponents. The generator also works in eco mode to create BTC for you

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have launched a real-time index that tracks total electricity consumption in the Bitcoin network. The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) provides an estimate of the total annual energy consumption of the Bitcoin network, updated every thirty seconds. Researchers also provide a tool that compares BTC consumption levels with other uses of electricity, as well as a number of parameters to consider the contexts of information received.

CBECI gives an estimated reading of 7.36 gigawatts (GW), with an average annual consumption of 53,01 Terawatt hours (Twh). Lower and upper limits are given in parallel to the main estimates - 2.76 GW (2.76 TWh) and 22.35 (146.45 TWh) respectively.

Energy consuming of the whole Bitcoin network (included the generator used to create gratis Bitcoin)
Lower bound Estimated Upper bound
2.76 GW
21.46 TWh
7.36 GW
annualised consumption of 53.01 TWh
22.35 GW
146.45 TWh

Electricity wasted annually by switched on but inactive home appliances in the United States alone can power the Bitcoin network for 4 years. It is estimated that Bitcoin uses approximately 0.24% (20863 TWh) of total electricity consumption in the World, according to the CBECI index. The chart comparing Bitcoin's network with total energy consumption by countries around the world places Bitcoin in 43th place in this respect. Directly before Bitcoin there is the Czech Republic, followed by Switzerland.

As you can see Bitcoin isn’t the largest consumer of energy in the World. The generator and other miners use electricity to create BTC but they work in online mode that makes generating BTC less energy-consuming. You don’t have to feel bad, using the adder. Create Bitcoins with our system - it works online so it’s eco to use.

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Bitcoin may create the fluency of money bigger. The generator that was created to improve the BTC network

Mark Mobius, the legendary investor also known as the veteran from the Wall Street, admitted in the latest interview for Bloomberg TV that the future of virtual currencies will depend largely on the level of confidence in them, and what is related to this - mainstream. Already in May this year Mobius has admitted that there is an undeniable need between people all over the world to transfer funds faster and safer, and that's what Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will benefit from. People like feeling safe and BTC can provide it.

Also the generator has been created to make the whole BTC network more reliable. The adder is based on retrieving lost and missed Bitcoins and online mining - these 2 things cause that the network is more stable, works better and the fluency of transactions is bigger. We not only create BTC for you, we also care about the whole industry.

Public blockchain may be the problem for banks - Bitcoin and the generator are more reliable than fiat currencies and banks that make frauds

Every year, banks wash $ 2 trillion (more than ten times the total market capitalization of Bitcoin) and are afraid of a public accounting book, because it would make them accountable and allow for settlement. A public banking system based on blockchain would reveal countless suspicious transactions that are apparently still being carried out. In a world dominated by bank scandals, manipulation of money and trade wars, Bitcoin seems to be a better choice.

Blockchain is based on transparency rule - all blocks may be checked from the very first block called the ‘Genesis’ one. Also the work of the generator is transparent - it works to create Bitcoins for you and it’s just based on official network’s assumptions.

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Technical aspects of Bitcoin - before you know the generator and its way to create coins better, find out more about blockchain

But Bitcoin is not only news and business or banks - BTC is also the technology implemented in many different areas. Blockchain is now used in many fields connected with different industries - from the generator to data storage.

Bitcoin blockchain - made to create transactions more transparent but used now in the generator, medicine and industry

Cryptocurrencies and technological infrastructure that ensures its functioning, is probably the first in most ubiquitous, revolutionary and unusual phenomena in the industry and financial operations for decades. But blockchain isn't used only to conduct transactions - it has more possibilities that may be used to storage data, create orders or systematize things.

Blockchain possibilities - Bitcoin base used in the generator and to create new and innovative solutions

Blockchain will probably be an important and basic technology for the next 10 years when transforming business operations. The merging idea is a self-sufficient, decentralized, at first glance, secure accountant register. It gives a real opportunity to improve the previously used operations, modernize the provision of services and develop the economy of sharing unused or unused resources and services, for a fee or for free. It is also a potential direct threat to established centralized systems, government control bodies and private institutions operating for a long time. Blockchain becomes the center of the future, not entirely understandable to us. Before us, most likely there is a winding road before we can see where it all goes. Cryptocurrencies strive to be independent Swiss swordsmen (available to all parties). Meanwhile, the question to what extent and when they succeed, remains unanswered.

Cryptocurrencies are often incomprehensible applications and possibilities of blockchain technology. But at present blockchain menas not only the pool of transactions but also solutions for all kinds of data storage, managing companies without directors or signing contracts without third parties. Bitcoin is not only the generator that was located on the network to retrieve and create new Bitcoin more efficient but also the option for any institutions that need creating documents of database solutions.

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Blockchain and well-known giants. The generator for Bitcoin isn’t the only answer for blockchain and its modes to create innovative formulas

Blockchain is a distributed database whose identical copies are stored on many computers. This makes it easier to carry out financial and other transactions between people and companies that do not know each other or do not trust each other. Virtual scam will be impossible because of that. Companies using the technology that created Bitcoin, and at first glance are often little connected to BTC.

In a few months, DTCC will start the largest process of implementing blockchain, a technology of a distributed database, popularized thanks to Bitcoin cryptographic. Data on credit derivatives with a total value of USD 10 trillion, located at approximately PLN 50,000 accounts belonging to DTCC Trade Information Warehouse, will be transferred to the specially adapted digital register called AxCore. Transferring these registers to blockchain technology will allow all entities to track data in real time, which will reduce the number of pre-transaction formalities. But blockchain is the base also of many other institutions like, for example, Taiwan giant Foxconn. Because of the fact that it is becoming more and more popular, the future of the blockchain built by these companies largely differs from the predictions of the creators and the first users of this technology. It's different also from assumptions connected with the generator that was made to create generating BTC free from fees and easy for everyday users of Bitcoin who aren't miners.

What companies and industries have implemented blockchain so far? Examples according to the list of Forbes:

    • DTCC
    • Allianz
    • Visa
    • JPMorgan Chase
    • Foxconn
    • Oracle
    • SAP
    • Amazon
    • BP
    • Walmart
  • MEDIA:
    • Comcast
    • Nestlé
    • Bumble Bee Foods
    • Golden State Food
    • Ciox
    • Aetna
    • Cigna
    • Anthem
    • Deloitte
    • PwC
    • KPMG
    • EY
    • Tata Consultancy Services
    • IBM.


Bumble Bee presented the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency for customers. Soon, we will not have to take the word for example Bumble Bee, when it assures us that the tuna we bought was caught by independent fishermen in the South Pacific, not by a factory ship. Fishing crews, people working in the processing plant and responsible for packing tuna, enter data into the Bumble Bee distributed register in real time. This means that Bumble Bee will share all information with sellers and consumers if they decide to reach for such information. But it concerns also other areas, not only food. It may be used in hospitals, data storage, energy or everywhere if we implement blockchain there.

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The biggest myths connected with Bitcoin and the generator that was designed to create free coins

There are some myths connected with Bitcoin and the generator. Check them to avoid mistakes during using BTC or the process to create gratis coins:

  • THE GENERATOR NEEDS THE FEE TO PAY - each BTC transaction needs the fee but in the generator it’s paid for you by the system so you can use the adder in the gratis mode to create Bitcoins
  • BITCOIN IS OVERVALUED - in the case of bitcoin, you can not estimate future cash flows or determine the current value - as in the case of, for example, real estate. There are simply no reference points. So nobody can say that the price of BTC is too high
  • BITCOIN WILL THREATEN THE DOLLAR'S POSITION IN TRADING - Bitcoin will thus remain a marginal phenomenon in trade for a long time. Only if the dollar was no longer used as a global reserve currency, Bitcoin could replace other national currencies. What's more, US government will do everything to create the law that to limit BTC and its usage to make dollar safer
  • BITCOIN WILL BE KILLED BY REGULATORS - regulators will not quickly find a universal way to control Bitcoin, if only because they do not know how to treat it (such as currency, means of payment, new asset class or good marketable?). It is also impossible to imagine global BTC regulations. And even more difficult - their widespread implementation. After all, attempts have been made for years to introduce uniform regulations for the financial market or taxes for all countries.

Bitcoin is the future of money, of course, but it isn’t any danger for global stability. The better you understand it, the faster you’ll turn the generator on to create gratis coins.

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The richest people in the crypto-world. Crypto millionaires and the way to create your own BTC wealth with the generator

It turns out that the answer to this question is not obvious. The first three places on the list are not directly related to Bitcoin, the most popular virtual currency, and from Ripple and Ethereum and the Binance cryptocurrency platform. Only fourth place is bitcoin and Winklevoss brothers - associated with rowing and legal battles with Mark Zuckerberg, but also one of the best-known people in the cryptocurrency world:

  1. Chris Larsen The value of the property: USD 7.5-8 billion
    Co-founder of the Ripple company established in 2012, a platform enabling international cash transfers - also with the use of its crypto-currency XRP. Chris Larsen himself is the holder of 5.2 billion XRP. The Ripple value, of which Larsen is the head of the board, is valued at $ 410 million

  2. Joseph Lubin The value of the property: USD 1-5 billion
    Co-founder of the Ethereum platform and creator of the ConsenSys company, which deals consulting for companies related to cryptocurrencies. Lubin previously worked for Goldman Sachs

  3. Changpeng Zhao The value of the property: USD 1.1-2 billion
    A programmer of Sino-Canadian origin is the creator of Binance, one of the largest crypto exchange platforms. Thanks to Binance, about 6 million people trade 120 virtual currencies every day. The platform allows you to carry out as many as 1.4 million transactions per second. The record fell in January when 3.5 billion were made throughout the day

  4. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss brothers The value of the property: USD 0.9-1 billion
    These twin brothers are known primarily for the legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg, who really came up with the idea of ​​creating Facebook. As part of the settlement, they received $ 65 million, which in 2012 they invested in bitcoin, while becoming one of the first popularizers of cryptocurrencies. Avid rowers, creators of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, today belong to the group of people who earned the most thanks to virtual currencies

  5. Matthew Mellon The value of the property: USD 0.9-1 billion
    Unlike the above-mentioned people, Mellon only invests in cryptocurrencies without any related activities. He was one of the first investors in Ripple

  6. Brian Armstrong The value of the property: USD 0.9-1 billion
    Armstrong is the creator of Coinbase, a platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies

  7. Matthew Roszak The value of the property: USD 0.9-1 billion
    Founder of Tally Capital and co-founder of Bloq. He is one of those people who got interested in cryptocurrencies long before the explosion of their popularity and rapid increases in value. It was from him that Richard Branson and Bill Gates got their first Bitcoins

  8. Anthony Di Iorio The value of the property: USD 0.75-1 billion
    Di Iorio is guided by the principle: invest early, and when the value of cryptocurrencies jumps up strongly, sell and invest in another, new on the market. Co-founder of the Ethereum platform, founder of Jaxx and Decentral

  9. Brock Pierce The value of the property: USD 0.7-1 billion
    One of the pioneers of the cryptocurrency world, an investor in many companies related to the subject, including Mastercoin, Coinbase and Ethereum

  10. Michael Novogratz The value of the property: USD 0.7-1 billion
    The star of the world of hedge funds, formerly - one of the richest people in the world. He started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2013, today he is the CEO of Galaxy Digital

For sure, it will be hard to get richer than above people, but you can always try to create bigger wealth. The generator for Bitcoin may be one of very helpful tools you use in your crypto adventure. Create Free BTC with the adder in 2019 and get richer each day.

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Use the generator to create unlimited BTC in the free mode

You can generate gratis Bitcoin with the system available here. The adder works also in the free mode and we will explain you why. The system works with special 2019 updates and it will be changed also for 2020 for sure so you can see that it may be your free and unlimited source of gratis Bitcoins for a long time.

What is the system for Bitcoin? How to create BTC for free?

The special gratis system designed for BTC is the free to use tool that is based on retrieving lost Bitcoins and online mining. It works to improve the fluency of the whole blockchain network and the additional advantage of the adder is the fact that you can create gratis BTC this way.

The adder is available to use from all locations where you can connect your device with the Internet. It works 100% online, you don’t need any special application or software to create your gratis and unlimited Bitcoin. What’s more, the hack is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you can start the generating process anytime you want.

Bitcoin system free PC mode to create coins

You can use the adder with your PC computer. Compatible operating systems are:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS.

Now you can use any device and create free BTC. Doesn’t matter if it’s Apple or any other laptop available on the market. All devices that may work online are ready to generate the currency.

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Bitcoin system free mobile mode to create coins with your smartphone

Nowadays more people prefer mobile solutions so from 2019 the generator has been available in special option that is compatible with mobile devices of all kinds:

  • Windows mobile devices
  • Android mobile devices
  • iOS mobile devices.

Now you can have iPhone or any other smartphone with the Internet connection to create unlimited BTC. If you can operate your Bitcoin wallet from your mobile phone, you can initiate the process of generating even right now if you want.

What can you use generated Bitcoin for? Is the way free to create for sure?

The way to create unlimited BTC is always free for users. The fee is paid automatically by the system that generates Bitcoin. Thanks to this, your access to the adder is always unlimited and gratis.

Generated Bitcoins may be used by you to pay for goods and services or invest. You can treat the generator as the unlimited free source of additional BTC that may be used for investing. There is only one thing to remember - don’t forget about the risk, even if your funds were generated without paying.

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Last advices for users who want to get Bitcoin for free and create the new future for themselves

Always care about safety of your BTC wallet. It’s easy to create it but hard to make it extremely safe. Turn on 2 factors authentication or set PIN code and email notifications. Do everything you can to protect your funds.

Remember that your Bitcoin may be divided into 2 wallets - one for paying and investing and the second one to hold savings. Check all options connected with wallets, even paper form of them to be sure that safety of your BTC is on the highest level. If you do it, you’ll enjoy Bitcoin and all its options without limits.

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