What is Bitcoin and what kind of software is necessary to get it?

Bitcoin is the very first and the most popular cryptocurrency. Created by satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, in 2019 it has still the first position among virtual money. It’s the currency based on special blockchain technology in peer-to-peer network.

What software do you need to manage BTC?

  • WALLET - the place to keep the currency. It may be digital or paper if you prefer traditional versions
  • MINING SOFTWARE - if you want to get BTC as the miner
  • GENERATING TOOLS - to get BTC without paying, fees and investments.
Gratis access for every interested user!

The Bitcoin software we can offer you, it’s the special Bitcoin generator in 2019 mode that may be used in devices with all operating systems:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS.

btc software

What sort of software for Bitcoin is the generator we offer?

The 2019 BTC generator we offer you, it’s the special sort of software. With us, you can get Bitcoin for free, without transaction fees. The system is always gratis and works 100% online. Thanks to this, you get the unlimited source of BTC available from every place around the World where you can connect with the Internet.

The generator is an official Bitcoin software available on the market but cheaper than traditional mining tools. To become the miner, you have to invest some money first. Buy special devices and pay bills connected with the huge use of the electricity because mining needs lots of energy.

Fortunately, with our special generating software for Bitcoin, you don’t have to invest, just start using the generator and enjoy free BTC we can give you. The tool can cooperate with all devices that may be connected with the Internet. The generator has also the special script that can adapt to your device to provide you always the highest efficiency of creating gratis BTC.

Gratis access for every interested user!

Why our software for Bitcoin is free for you?

Our software is free for you because we work on special kind of retrieving and mining Bitcoin. The system works 24 hours a day to look for and find lost and missed BTC and retrieve it from forgotten wallet and the second mode is based on online mining. The generator has servers in different countries and it allowed us to design the system that mine BTC without traditional software like graphic cards.

What’s more, our Bitcoin software was created to improve the market of BTC. Our main goal is connected with transferring BTC into the market to balance it. And it’s the main cause that BTC is available for you for free. Everybody should have the option to have the access to this cryptocurrency to learn something about it and have the chance to get some knowledge about virtual money.

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How to use this Bitcoin gratis software to get the currency?

The way of working of this innovative generating software is easy and intuitive. It takes just a while to get Bitcoin because everything is based on the system that works all the time and has BTC in its pool 24 hours a day.

The balance is never equal to zero, the basket isn’t empty. You can use the generator anytime you want and get free BTC with this special Bitcoin software.

The whole process is based on several simple steps. Let’s follow them:

  • it starts with pasting your BTC wallet address. You must define your wallet because it’s the place where you want to get generated amount
  • the next move is connected with determining the amount you want to get with this software. There are 4 options to choose:
    • 0.01 BTC
    • 0.25 BTC
    • 0.5 BTC
    • 1 BTC
  • when you determine all necessary details, you can confirm the process and wait to complete it. The important thing is the reliable Internet connection - then the process may be completed within just 5 minutes
  • when everything is done, you can see the confirmation and you can check your BTC wallet balance. 3 confirmations or more in your wallet mean that you can start using your generated free BTC.

Last important details connected with this Bitcoin software

You must remember that you can use the software more than once from with one Bitcoin wallet. Thanks to this, the generator in 2019 mode is the unlimited source of money for you.

Each user of this Bitcoin software gets the same efficiency during the process of generating. The generator is always free for you because we pay the BTC transaction fee. There is enough BTC in the pool to cover all expenses for you. The only thing you have to do is generating and enjoying free Bitcoin the way you want. You may use this BTC to pay and invest or just hold it in your wallet and wait for better price.

Gratis access for every interested user!