Have you ever heard or used a Bitcoin Generator that works for real and that doesn’t require any transaction fee? It’s a very popular and common used hacking system that is both innovative and intuitive to use. 2019 has been a very successful year for this adder and its developers and it’s the high time to become one of satisfied and happy users of this tool. It isn’t an ordinary hacker for Free Bitcoin, it’s something better and you can enjoy it without paying anything. We don’t require even few satoshi coins from you, we just provide you our services.

What Bithoney is? The adder that provides gratis and unlimited Bitcoin

Bithoney is the generator for BTC you can use completely for free from anywhere and with both mobile and PC devices. You can generate Bitcoins with this tool and then use them the way you want. Many our customers have changed their life because of this free system. What is that great in this adder? Let’s check all its features.

Gratis access for every interested user!

First of all, it’s completely free to use. You don’t pay anything here. It’s the generator, everything should be free and we have no right to demand any transaction fees from you. And we don’t do it - you generate BTC here and you can get it for free. The fee is paid automatically in the generator. If it can provide you Bitcoin, it should be also able to pay the fee for you. And this system does it. And what’s more? What makes this adder that good?

  • it’s unlimited and you can generate with this adder more than once. It isn’t an ordinary hacking, a base of this generator is retrieving lost and missed Bitcoins from its network to make the whole blockchain more fluent and faster
  • you can access this tool anytime you want because it just bases on blockchain so it’s available to use 24/7.

If we tell anything about this Bitcoin adder in numbers, we should share some 2019 details of this system with you as an user:

  • the process of generating may be closed in 5 minutes if you have the access to the Internet
  • 76% of users of this adder generate 0.5 BTC
  • 86% of users have become our regular customers
  • 67% of users generate Bitcoins with mobile devices
  • each generating process needs 3 confirmations from the network to give you a possibility to start using your generated BTC.

Other features that make Bithoney so great to use as your very first generator for Bitcoin

Okay, you have had basic knowledge about this system. If you want to get all most important details of 2019, you can see all of them here on below infographic.

btc generator


We hope that if you’re here, you know Bitcoin and its possibilities. Thanks to the generator you can use here, you can get an access to unlimited BTC and use it the way you want. There aren’t any special rules for you as the user of this adder how you must spend your Bitcoin.

BTC generated with this adder is only yours
What can you do with your free BTC? You can invest your BTC
You can spend your BTC doing shopping
You can just hold your generated BTC

With us you have more options than normal. And with us you don’t have to pay any transaction fee.

The 2019 review of this adder of Bitcoin

It’s always the end of 2019 so we can start summing up all details connected with the generator and its customers this year. In 2019 we have had about 40% users more than the year before and thanks to this our customers have generated more Bitcoins than in 2018.

2019 has been also a year when we started using more servers for our generator. It allowed us to make the whole process of generating faster and available not only for developed countries but also places where BTC is less known. We believe that Bitcoin should be available for everybody and we do our best to enable it to our users.

Gratis access for every interested user!

Use this generator and enjoy free to get Bitcoin

Remember: there aren’t any transaction fees for customers in this BTC system. You don’t have to care about Bitcoin price or any other things - you just generate and can start enjoying your gratis cryptocurrency.

In 2020 this adder for BTC stays free to use

Nothing is changed in 2020 with this adder. It stays free for all users interested in generating gratis BTC. As usual, you must have a wallet to be able to generate but it’s obvious. The tool supports all wallets available on the market. Without wallet you can’t generate any Bitcoins because we must have any place determined to send BTC into.

btc generator

You can still use the generator for Bitcoin in mobile and PC modes in 2020

In 2020 this Bitcoin generator is still available for all mobile and PC devices that may be connected with the Internet. It means that you can generate Bitcoins with various appliances such as:

  • Windows PC computers and laptops
  • Mac computers
  • Apple devices like iPad and iPhone
  • Android appliances like tablets and smartphones
  • Linux computers
  • Windows mobile smartphones.

Generate Bitcoin with this adder and enjoy this cryptocurrency the way you like

There aren’t any cryptocurrency limits for you now. You can forget about BTC price and focus only on things you like doing with cryptos and it doesn’t matter if you hold these coins, invest them or just use in stores to purchase goods. Free Bitcoin generated with this adder may be spent the way you want. So enjoy this gratis option you can access here - now and in 2020.

Gratis access for every interested user!